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Needs in the Work of Our Lord
Updated April 2021

Following is a list of some of the needs in the work of our Lord which are known to us. The extent of the needs though is often not fully known.

+ Additional and updated details are available in the Missionary Bulletin and other correspondence. This is not a complete list, and we may not know of changes in various works. To learn more about these and other needs, please feel free to contact us with specific questions. Financial support for these and other needs may be sent to:

The Fund for Christian Service
820 Blanchard Street, Unit 1701
Seattle, WA 98121


Latest reports:
Madagascar - The assemblies are multiplying; there are about 50 assemblies, but they need to be spiritually strengthened.
DRC - The 25 national workers need regular support to continue visiting various regions. Their motorbikes or bicycles need to be replaced every couple of years.
Kenya, NE Congo, and Rwanda - there is a felt need for systematic Bible studies in each of these countries.
S. Sudan - there is a great need for teachers of the Word of God in this country.
Uganda - has a great need for regular teaching about Assembly principles.

Prior reports:
Cameroon - the meetings in the southern part are small and need regular visits of at least 8 to 10 days to encourage the saints. Pray that the Lord will provide brethren and practical support for such visits.
Ethiopia - practical help and prayer support are needed for every aspect of the Lord's work in the gospel, pastoral, and teaching ministry.
Expenses for traveling brethren from Rwanda and surrounding countries into Malawi and Tanzania.
Kenya - brother Muigai (Mombasa) and brother Cosmas (Kangudo) need help with traveling expenses in order to increase their labor for the Lord.

Tunisia - a hunger for the Truth, an interest in Assembly principles and a desire to learn more from the Bible characterize the new believers in this country.

Other needs:
Full-time workers and those in various ministries in the USA and Canada
Support of missionaries and national workers in many of the third world countries


Latest reports:
Ethiopia - The cost of living has risen dramatically over the past few years. In general, salaries are unable to keep up with the rising costs and the saints have great difficulty in making ends meet.
Myanmar - Medical supplies, and in particular anti-malaria medication, are needed by the hill tribes of northeast Myanmar.
Nigeria - Hardships are noticeable in all the meetings due to the soaring inflation. It is no longer possible to satisfy local needs with the means of local collections. While Siegfried Nick and Meik Eckhardt were able to distribute gifts to the needs of the saints during their recent visit there, this is likely to be required again in the foreseeable future.

Prior reports:
DRC - During the Mbuji-Mayi conference there were requests (from national brothers serving the Lord in this area) for financial support to provide help in unexpected illnesses as well as for the needs of widows, orphans and large families.
Gabon - widowed sister Annick (with 2 small children) lost her husband to cancer after their house was burned down because her husband faithfully resisted wrongs in the local assembly.
Nigeria - the wife of brother James (a mother of 4) suffered broken bones and severe burns in a minibus accident. One of her lower legs was amputated and the wounds have not healed even after 9 months.
Nigeria - Paul Agoudavi's wife needs surgical intervention costing more than $1000 in Lagos, without the certainty that it will be done in satisfactory conditions.
Nigeria - Brother Alex and his wife from Ifako earn their living from washing and ironing. They urgently need a generator as the city's power supply is totally unreliable.
Haiti - A number of saints have been left destitute by an earlier earthquake and a more recent hurricane. They are hard workers, they help each other, however, their jobs do not pay enough to cover their needs.
Syria - due to the on-going civil war, the saints face great needs daily.
S. Sudan - The saints are in great poverty and could use: Audio Bibles,bicycles, medicines, sorghum, blankets, tents and clothing.
N. Sudan - widows Narjis (with 9 children) and Samiria (with 7 children) need help to purchase food and to meet school expenses.
South Central DRC - a number of ill or poor brethren have ongoing medical needs in the Mbuji Maya region.
North East Congo - there is a continuing need for clothes for all seasons and all ages. Also, given the extreme poverty in DRC, there is a great need for medicine, healthcare, eyeglasses and food stuff. There is a need of funds to set up small-scale farming projects to help believers in the villages around Goma and Mambasa.
Nigeria - due to the huge 50% devaluation of the Nira recently, all saints have fallen on hard times. Some unexpected gifts, distributed by Siegfried Nick and Meik Eckhardt during their recent visit there, were greatly appreciated by the brethren.
DRC - prices for basic foods (i.e. rice, manioc, beans and oil) have doubled or tripled in just a few weeks' time.
Philippines - many brethren have little or no work.

Other needs:
Remember the Widows, aged, and other needy saints worldwide
Asia: India, persecuted and displaced saints; Bhutan/Nepal, refugees displaced into other countries
Africa: Cameroon, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Sudan, Togo, others
Caribbean: Haiti and other countries
South America: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, others

Cameroon - The brethren desire to open a primary school near Yaounde. The Lord has graciously provided for a suitable tract of land 2 years ago, but the means to clear this land and to erect several buildings on it are lacking.
Colombia - All three schools in Puerto Boyaca, Ibague, and Cali face financial challenges and are thankful for any help.
Assist with school work in Benin, Cameroon, Congo, DRC, Egypt, India, and Nigeria.
Cameroon - During a recent visit, the Dutch brethren were able to provide some financial help to several families in the north of the country, for the necessary school supplies, school uniforms, and especially for the school fees, which often surpass by far the possibilities of these families.
DRC - In 2018, the Government has doubled the school fees as well as the final exam fees for primary school pupils. In towns and cities you will find parents who are able to pay this increased expense, but in the countryside, many of our pupils would be unable to go to school without financial help.
Help with orphanage work in Bahamas, Cameroon, Myanmar, Egypt, India as well as in other countries.


DRC - Due to the soaring inflation, literature work is diminished greatly, and brothers working in bookshops can obtain some income only during calendar season, otherwise, they depend on help from the outside.
Malawi - Many interested people step into the Lilongwe bookshop and the requests for Bibles and spiritual literature is overwhelming.
Nigeria - The bookstores need reference books and commentaries. There is also a need for good children's literature and Bible story books.
Cuba - There is an interest here to receive and even to print literature from Argentina.
Congo - there are needs for French hymnbooks and other literature in the Kasai area.
Ethiopia - There is a need for Amharic Bibles.
People desire Bibles, calendars, and other literature in: Malawi, Nigeria, Sicily, the Philippines, and elsewhere.
Uganda - There is a big need for French and English Bibles and New Testaments to be used in several Bible courses.

Additional needs:
Africa, South America, Caribbean, Far East, USA, Canada


Previous reports:
USA - the Carmel Hills residential facility has ongoing needs: i.e. Care Unit expansion, Residents Assistance fund, etc.
USA - Messages of Grace and Truth Radio broadcast to Arabic speaking listeners incurrs high costs, but the reward is also very great.

Other needs:
Radio broadcasts in various languages
Opportunities to reach sinners over radio waves, via Internet, and by satellite TV are expensive, but quite effective

Philippines - the saints here need financial help for campsite rental, transportation to and from the camp, as well as for medical needs.
Guyana - the buildings at Siloam Bible Camp and Carmel Bible Camp require constant repair due to the impact of tropical storms.
Nigeria - Antipo Bible camp needs help with financial assistance for campers who travel long distances to attend this camp.
Jamaica - Due to the severely depressed economy of the Caribbean, the saints hesitate to send their children to OceanView Bible Camp as funds are extremely tight.
USA - Mountain View Bible Camp is in the process of replacing the old dormitories.
Outreach through camp programs is also done in Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts, besides the countries mentioned above.


Latest reports:
Uganda - There is an urgent need for a Bible Center/Camp facility in Busia. We thank the Lord for supplying the funds to build the foundation and the concrete floor. This is only the first stage and the work is large, but the Lord is also doing a great work in Uganda.
Nigeria - the saints at Ifako have enough funds to build the first floor of the new meeting hall and trust the Lord to provide for the second floor.
Uganda - the saints at Busingo need a place to meet. When the weather is bad, they rarely meet together.
DRC - the construction of meeting halls at Mbuji Mayi and Tshofa has started and will continue only as funds become available.

Prior reports:
S Sudan - the brethren in Juba have purchased land and built a nice meeting hall. There is still a need to build a guest room adjacent to the hall and to fence off these buildings.
Ethiopia - the construction of the Bible Center in Addis Ababa has come to a standstill due to lack of funds, frequent power cuts, and scarcity of building materials.
Colombia - In La Paila, the saints need financial help in order to purchase and renovate a basic building which they will use as a meeting hall.
Colombia - In Lerida, the saints need to repay a loan and to make some repairs on an old people's home that was purchased to care for the elderly saints.
Colombia - In the near future, funds will be needed to build two additional classrooms at the school in Puerto Boyaca.
DRC - the construction of Bible camp facilities in Mputu goes on as funds become available.
Benin - the meeting hall at Zounkpa needs to be expanded because of the great number of young people who attend.
Congo - meeting hall at Ndjili needs renovation and the hall at Lubao needs to be finished.
Nigeria - a plot of land has been acquired at Calabar for a future meeting place.
Kenya - brethren are looking for a building and/or a piece of land for a Christian bookstore and an assembly hall in Mombasa.

Other needs:
Meeting halls in US, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, Far East, and other regions.

DRC - there is a need for bicycles and motorbikes as well as for replacement parts for both modes of transportation.
Automobiles for various workers on the mission field.

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