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About FCS:
History, Information, and Frequently Asked Questions

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The basic ministry of The Fund for Christian Service
How FCS handles donated funds | Non-cash contributions
No fees for FCS services | Confidentiality

The basic ministry of The Fund for Christian Service
The Fund for Christian Service began operating in 1957 for the support and promotion of gospel work. Printing gospel tracts was one early focus point. During the next decades, the functions of FCS expanded to include numerous aspects of fund distribution.

Today, these aspects mainly involve channeling funds for missionaries and missionary activities in foreign countries, as well as for the support of the Lord's work and workers in the USA and Canada. FCS is also responsible for the monthly publication Missionary Bulletin, which is distributed free of charge to any who request it.

The Fund for Christian Service is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. A Board of Trustees is responsible for the functioning of FCS, consistent with its chartered purposes and by-laws and in keeping with government regulations. The trustees confer regularly to discuss the handling of funds and any other pertinent matters.

How FCS handles donated funds      Top
FCS serves a variety of individuals and projects in North America and in foreign lands. FCS can send funds to most countries of the world, and we work with cooperating fund groups in other countries to provide the most effective transmission procedures.

Normally, donations made during one month are sent out during the first few days of the next month. Sometimes small amounts for overseas recipients are held until we have a larger amount to send, thereby minimizing the processing fees paid by the recipient. Wire transfers are made when sufficient funds are on hand for the transfer. Emergency funds may be sent at any time with short notice.

Many donors send us recommendations about how they would like their gifts to be applied, and normally we follow those recommendations. [Note: Please make such recommendations in a separate note, not on the check.] Other donors ask us to allocate gifts as we see the needs. In these cases, the FCS trustees prayerfully consider needs and then make allocations.

The trustees assume responsibility before the Lord to our donors, recipients, our local assemblies and the fellowship at large for faithfully managing the distribution of the funds. Occasionally, we will discuss with a donor the advisability of a gift allocation. The FCS trustees reserve the responsibility for final decisions. Please pray for us!

Non-cash contributions      Top
For information about non-cash donations, please read about other methods of giving. Or, you may contact us to ask specific questions.

No fees for FCS services      Top
No fees are charged by FCS for any services or consultations. Since FCS began, operating expenses have been kept below two to three percent of total donations. We are grateful for gifts given towards these costs.

Confidentiality      Top
All matters considered and discussed with FCS by donors and recipients are kept strictly confidential.

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